Kitting Services: What they are and How they Can Benefit Your Business

With the rise of online shopping, many new techniques have emerged to make ordering, storing, shipping, and delivery easier and more organized. One of such are kitting services.

Cooperating with a kitting fulfillment service, you can get a plethora of benefits for your business. The list starts with fewer shipping mistakes and finishes with lower labor costs and higher prices without credibility loss.

But what exactly are kitting services and why should you implement them into your business? We’ll talk about that in a moment!

What Is Kitting?

Kitting is a method of bundle-shipping where multiple related products or items are delivered altogether. This prevents package loss at post offices since all the orders for one address are in a separate box.

This is a strategy partnering businesses and large shopping platforms like Amazon are using. When you order 5 items from different shops, it’s easier to pack them into one box instead of sending 5 separate packages to your address.

The 5 Kitting Benefits for Businesses

Here are some clear benefits of the technique for any eCommerce business:

  1. Increase warehouse employee efficiency.
    Products that are usually shipped together will be placed nearby, which will save hours. Otherwise, your employees would have to walk all around a huge warehouse, looking for proper items.
  2. More convenient audit.
    Warehouse audit becomes much easier when you count groups of products instead of hundreds of types separately.
  3. Increased revenue.
    If you have items that aren’t as popular as the others, put them into a subscription box offer. Potential buyers will be tempted to buy them. Besides, they will get more in a bundle because it’s more efficient and seems cheaper.
  4. Lower labor costs.
    Instead of a thousand small orders requiring more time and labor to pack and ship, you get a hundred large ones. As a result, fewer employees are needed, which reduces labor costs.
  5. Faster and hassle-free processing and shipping.
    No more mistakes and mishaps while picking and packing. No more wrong order deliveries. Increased speed of order processing and eventual delivery. Your customers are going to love it.

Who Does Kitting for Businesses?

There are many 3PL kitting fulfillment services that will gladly do the job for you. Outsourcing the task to another company will take a huge load off your shoulders. The partner can be responsible for item packing, shipping, and delivery.

Meanwhile, you can develop new product ideas, find other companies to create a separate brand with, and sell subscription boxes. Private label kitting offers a ton of possibilities, including higher product prices and less hassle with the delivery.

If you have ever seen a combined label of a grocery store where they have all kinds of products from soda to pasta, you know what a private label means. The store does not manufacture those foods and drinks. A kit is created using products of other partnering brands.

Implement Kitting in your business today

Kitting is on the rise now with Amazon and other leaders of the eCommerce market are using it for their convenience. Why not benefit from it? This is a way to save money, make more revenue, and avoid business overload with tons of separate orders, storage, shipping, etc. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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