Kitting Services

Think Inside the Box


Kitting is a powerful tool that you can use as part of your order fulfillment pipeline to save big on time, money, and manpower. At Harp360, we are proud to offer kitting services to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Atlanta! Read on to learn more about this aspect of our packaging and distribution services, and contact us to start reaping the benefits of kitting today!

Why Work With Harp360?

Harp360 is an Atlanta warehouse management and distribution company that can help you get your products where they need to go. We know you probably have several 3PL (third-party logistics) companies vying for your business, but we’re confident that we’re the right fit for the job. That’s because:



We're experienced.

We’ve been providing world-class fulfillment services since 1998.


We do great work.

Our commitment is always to excellence, integrity, and helping your business succeed.


We succeed where others haven't.

We pride ourselves on being the partner you can turn to when other 3PL companies may have let you down.


We provide a personal touch.

We prefer working with small businesses and building strong partnerships rather than getting lost in the bureaucracies of big business.


We can do it all.

We’ve been told we’re good at making the impossible happen, and you can always count on us to get the job done.


We build strong bridges.

We’ve worked with hundreds of satisfied clients — check out our testimonials to see for yourself!

How Does Kitting Work?

In the simplest terms, kitting is a packaging method where fulfillment specialists combine separate-but-related items into one package that can then go straight to the final manufacturer or customer.

The alternative is pick-and-pack, where instead of pre-assembling kits or pallets of goods, warehouse workers pull items as they are ordered and pack them into individual boxes. This method can be efficient, but kitting is widely considered to be the more cost-effective solution, especially for:

  • Products that are sold as part of a set or by-the-piece (ex: makeup kits and luggage sets)
  • Products that are assembled according to custom specifications (ex: laptops with different options for memory and graphics cards)
  • Products that come as part of a subscription box

Our fulfillment specialists are experienced with the ins and outs of kitting, and we consistently invest in the latest training and technology to guarantee a 99% success rate with on-time delivery for our clients. When you partner with Harp360, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest possible standards of service.

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The Benefits of Kitting

  • Lower packaging and shipping costs — more products in fewer packages means less packaging, less shipping space, and fewer deliveries required
  • Better flexibility with your inventory — kitting lets you get creative with how you package your products, from bundling items to offering discounts on sets, enabling you to move more product overall
  • More control with volume surges — pre-assembled, ready-to-ship product kits make it easy to accommodate sudden spikes in demand or manage monthly surges
  • Greater customer satisfaction — no assembly required + fewer boxes to recycle + less deliveries to keep track of = happier customers + more repeat orders

Make the Headaches Go Away With Harp360

Although kitting is a great way to manage your inventory effectively, very few businesses have the time or manpower to take care of it in-house. We’re ready to help!

Harp360 is a full-service third-party logistics company that can handle all of your order fulfillment needs, from customized assembly to nationwide shipping. We’ll work with you to design a fulfillment program that fits your business’s unique needs, allowing for flexibility and economies of scale.

Contact us to learn more about our kitting services. We’re here to save you time and money, so let’s get started!