4 Benefits of Working With a 3PL Provider


As many businesses grow, they eventually reach a point where they are unable to keep up with demand due to in-house limitations on manpower, storage, transportation, or overall order management. This is a good problem to have — and fortunately, it’s also fairly easy to solve by partnering with a 3PL provider like Harp360!

In today’s post, the team at our Atlanta logistics company covers four great reasons to work with a 3PL. Read on to learn more, and to take advantage of our fulfillment and shipping services, contact us today!

1. Simplify Your Supply Chain

Whether you’re a brand new business or have just started offering products to ship, it can be confusing to figure out supply chain logistics for the first time. Building a new supply chain from the ground up means:

  • Developing an order management system
  • Finding space for warehousing
  • Staffing warehousing and fulfillment specialists
  • Designing and manufacturing product packaging
  • Developing an inventory management system
  • Obtaining partnerships with reliable freight carriers
  • Making sure every product is packaged right and delivered on-time

It’s a lot to add to your day-to-day task list, and the truth is, most small- to medium-sized businesses are not equipped to manage complex logistics operations in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. That’s why many choose to outsource their fulfillment operations to a third party logistics provider.

Reputable 3PL companies can leverage their knowledge of industry best practices and the latest developments in technology to take the supply chain burden off your shoulders. At Harp360 in Atlanta, our fulfillment specialists have the experience to manage your supply chain from initial order to final delivery. We pride ourselves on making sure every product is packaged correctly and delivered on-time. Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Contact us to see just how easy fulfillment can be!

2. Save Time, Money, and Manpower

By outsourcing your fulfillment demands to a third-party expert, you can be much more efficient with your business’s time and money.

First of all, you only need to invest in one business partnership, rather than investing in warehouse space, order management technology, transportation, and fulfillment staffing.

Second of all, by relying on industry experts, you can avoid costly mistakes and take advantage of established global logistics networks. Enjoy lower costs, lower risks, and higher rewards by leaving the supply chain to the pros!

3. Scale Your Business Up

If you plan on continuing to grow your business while handling your supply chain in-house, then you will also continue to run into growth barriers — increased demands for storage, transportation, and manpower to handle higher volumes. Partnering with a 3PL allows you to enjoy more streamlined growth and take advantage of better economies of scale: decreasing your cost per unit of output while increasing your overall volume of output.

Additionally, if your business has a seasonal period, then outsourcing your supply chain can smooth out the bumps between demand highs and lows, allowing you stress-free transitions from busy season to slow season and back.

4. Focus On Your Customers

Most importantly of all, a reliable 3PL partner lets you put more focus where it matters most: giving your customers great service and great products. A great 3PL can get the right products into the right packages and deliver them to the right people at the right time, leaning on established supply chain networks to accommodate your customers’ needs. Many offer helpful tools and technologies, like transparent inventory management and real-time order tracking, to benefit both your business and your customer.

This frees up a lot of your focus to work on other aspects of your business and continue to grow into new markets — or simply perfect the one you’re in!

Choose Harp360 as Your 3PL Provider in Atlanta

Are you interested in taking advantage of all the benefits a 3PL provider can offer your business? Contact the team at Harp360 today! We pride ourselves on being a different kind of fulfillment partner. Just as you care about giving your customers the best possible service, we care about providing world-class fulfillment services to you! We can help take your supply chain headaches away, and we’ve been told we can “make the impossible happen.”

We offer comprehensive fulfillment services (including kitting services!) and strive to accommodate any demand, from intricate packaging designs to large rush jobs.

See how simple your supply chain can be and give us a call today!