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Marketing and branding are essential if you want your company to succeed in today’s business arena. You need to find out how to stand out in the crowd of people with similar businesses, and how to hold the attention of your potential customers. Finding the perfect printing company is a vital step in achieving marketing and branding success.

Here at Harp 360 we have been working as a full-service branding and fulfillment shop since 1998. We have committed ourselves to staying on the front line of marketing, printing, and fulfillment services so we can best serve our clients. In this article we are going go over some of the important aspects of corporate printing, and how to maximize your printing ROI.

Price vs. Quality

It goes without saying that you should look for a company who offers a great price on printing. However, if you are not careful, you can end up with really lousy products that will need to be reprinted later. It is important that you always look at price in contrast with the quality of the work the company does.

Before hiring a printing company always do these three things:

  1. Request a quote – Get a quote for your specific project. Never take a company’s word that they, “Have the best printing prices in town!”
  2. Check the customer reviews – Go online and look at what people are saying about this company. Are their customers happy with the service they’ve received? How did they feel about the quality of the product?
  3. Get a sample – Getting a sample of the product you will be ordering is a must. If a company is unwilling to send you a free sample of their work it is a bad sign. This is the best way to really judge quality for yourself. Is the sample up to your standards? Are the colors popping? Are the images clear? Is the paper stock professional? Would this level of quality adequately represent the brand you are building for your business?

Once you have all three of these things you can really look at the balance of Price vs. Quality. Your printing ROI will come down to finding a good middle ground between these two points. Many times the lowest price will not come out to be the greatest value.

Combination of Services

It is important to look at all of the services a printing shop offers in addition to simply printing. The reason for this is easy enough to grasp. If you own a bakery, you may not have the requisite skill set or means to do your own visual design, copy writing, postage, and distribution. This is wear full-service branding and fulfillment companies come in to play. Instead of hiring a copy writer, designer, printing shop, and mailing house, try to find a company that can facilitate all of your needs in this realm.

Remember that the branding of your company is important, which means that every step along the way is also important. If you are not skilled in a particular area (design, writing, etc.) don’t try to do it yourself. Find a company who can help you with all of your branding and fulfillment needs.

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Hire HARP360 and we will handle your fulfillment services so that customer orders can be filled and shipped on time more cheaply and efficiently. We also provide shopping cart integration and inventory management as part of the fulfillment package. Without the time-consuming effort of maintaining in-house fulfillment services, you are free to create more products, explore better marketing opportunities, and boost your profits. Read on to learn more about why we should handle your fulfillment services.

HARP360 Uses the Latest Technologies and You Benefit

With the latest technologies already in place, HARP360 can provide seamless shopping cart integration, which allows our company to start processing your customer’s order as soon as you receive it. Your customers will continue to place their orders with the same familiar shopping cart.

  • Included in the service are shipping reports and inventory management reports so that you always know what is being ordered, when, and by whom and how much product is still available. You don’t need to hire personnel to take care of this aspect of your business.
  • If the parts to make up a product come from multiple manufacturing centers, we at HARP360, as the central fulfillment center, can handle light assembly before packaging and shipping the product, which trims shipping and assembly costs for you.
  • Any type of return policy can be accommodated and returns will be handled efficiently and reported to you in a timely fashion.
  • Dissatisfied customers who don’t receive their orders on time or receive goods poorly packaged will no longer be problems for you. We will see that orders are filled on time and carefully packaged by our experienced staff.

You Save Money by Hiring a Fulfillment Service

There are a lot of costs associated with providing your own fulfillment services. However, when you use a fulfillment company, like HARP360, many other companies share these overhead costs with you, which lowers your overall expenses.

  1. Storage and warehouse – You will no longer need storage areas or a warehouse, which can vastly reduce your costs.
  2. Packaging – The cost of packing supplies and other packaging equipment are shared with other clientele.
  3. Software – Software costs are lowered and training costs eliminated.
  4. Lower shipping costs – Fulfillment companies can negotiate lower shipping/freight costs because of bulk shipping with a variety of companies who compete for our business.
  5. Shared insurance and compliance regulations – Extra warehouse and storage insurances are included in your fulfillment package, and the cost of compliance with labor and safety guidelines to cover workplace safety requirements will be divided.
  6. Staffing problems are reduced – Extra staff normally required to full orders during peak sale seasons can be eliminated. Instead, you can trust in our pool of flexible, experienced workers. It’s no longer necessary for an in-house expert to train and supervise a packaging and shipping staff.

You Have Time to Grow Your Business When You Outsource Services

Many business owners believe they can save money by shipping their own products within the company as a part-time, incidental job. That may be fine when a company starts out with very few customers, but as time passes and the business grows, owners have to think about covering many extra costs.

With a burgeoning company, you may need to

  • Find, rent, and equip a warehouse space.
  • Arrange hiring, training, and supervision of a packaging and shipping staff
  • Bring on an additional manager for inventory and shipping.
  • Ensure you are studying, updating, and following labor and safety laws.
  • Purchase storage and warehouse insurance.

These are just a few of the potential problems (and hefty expenses) in-house fulfillment presents.

In contrast, we can:

  • Reduce costs for you at every level – It is very difficult to compete in today’s market if the price of your product has to include all of the above costs while paying top dollar for each piece of the action required to provide your own fulfillment service.
  • Help you penetrate tough markets – If you want to grow your business further by marketing your product in other geographic locations—such as other states—there are often taxes, levies, and limits on various products that can be sidestepped with a fulfillment company whose outlets are placed within these difficult boundaries.
  • Take the guesswork out of pricing – Our fees are a combination of storage and shipment costs, so it is easier to budget for these as you calculate the prices for your products.

Give Up The Hassle and Expense of In-House Fulfillment

At HARP360, we want to handle your fulfillment services and know that you will be one of our satisfied customers. We are experts at taking care of product storage, light assembly, proper packaging, and efficient shipping, so we can take good care of your customers while saving you money, time, and frustration. Give us a call.